Communication Mistake: Guys don’t get suspicious/jealous of your activities.

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Trust in a relationship is a big deal. Both parties of the relationship expect their significant other to trust them, but is the trust really there? We asked 1,000 guys, have you ever been suspicious of your wife/girlfriend’s activities?

This was a close one ladies, but the results are in and the majority of guys (56%) say yes, they are suspicious of their significant others’ activities.

So what is the real reason behind your guy’s lack of trust?

“Yes. Anytime she’s not around and i cannot trace her where abouts is usually very worrying and suspicious. She then has a facebook account which is quite dormant. She has little friends and she has no inbox messages.” – James, 21

“Yes. I’ve had jealousy take control over my rational thinking and there really wasn’t any good reason for it. A big mistake is to confuse jealousy with love. I think it’s due more to hurt pride, or even the suspicion of an affront to our egos.” – Keith, 53

“Yes, I have.  She was acting strangely and trying to sneak behind my back, but I later found out that she was planning a surprise party for me.” – Robert, 47

What about the 44% of guys that say they don’t get jealous, what makes them so secure in their relationship?

“I’m in the military and am gone for years at a chunk. Best advice: Don’t worry about it. Sleeping around is a symptom something is wrong, not a cause.  If they are finding reasons to go to someone else’s bed, you’ve got deeper troubles.  As to suspicious activity, time is the key tipoff.  Basically your sig other finds something else to do without you.” – Jim, 36

“At times. I think you have to ultimately trust who you are with or it will drive you crazy. Jealousy only drives the other person away. People are not objects to be possessed, we each have free will.” – Robert, 41

“Hell no, I trust my girl that she wouldn’t do anything, as i hope she would trust me that I won’t do anything. And I mean, I Trust her to a point, I never see her with other guys, and plus she can’t top me! Lol” – Brian, 25

While the results lean more towards guys being jealous of what their significant other does, don’t let that get you down ladies. In some cases a little bit of jealousy is good for the ego and shows your guy really wants to keep you around. However, if it ever gets to be excessive, you can always talk it out with your guy, explain there’s nothing to worry about. You guys can’t be together all the time.

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  1. christine sierras 12 November 2010 at 6:59 PM #

    My experience is i just got married and i was very very jealous.
    It did not help my relationship at all.
    It did make things worse,
    our only fight on going for twoyears.
    Do you still talk to your exs he does and says he wont.
    Then says he wants to change his mind.
    Im confused and mad, im not sure if he is just a wierdo, that like to torture me. Or just a man who is a liar, And a manipulator and controller.
    Maby he seems to like it when i loose control.
    He says he does not but i think that a man wants his relationship to work and respects his marriage he will not tred those rough waters, and talk about exs at all.

    Even if he was to chat with them, i would not want to know.

    what do you think.

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