Top 9 List: Favorite Sexual Positions

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Everyone loves sex. Plain and simple. You ask men or women and they will tell you that they enjoy sex; the only difference you may get is the position that they prefer. So, we decided to ask 1,000 guys what their favorite sexual positions are and were able to compile a top 9 list.

1. Doggy Style

“The best position is doggy style because of the view and the sensation. In addition this position feels primal and adventurous.” – Kevin, 39

2. Cowgirl

“Cowgirl. I like giving her the opportunity to take charge, and it gives me a great view of her body. It also feels amazing.” – Matthew, 27

3. Missionary

“On top, missionary. It’s just a better fit and requires less strain and stress to make sure that it works. With a more traditional position, it’s easier to focus on the feeling. It’s also easier to be in control if you are on top.” – Brian, 29

4. Everything

“It seriously depends on who you are copulating with, their physical attractiveness, sexual skills, and amount of alcohol consumed. For Girlfriend, General, Long-term, I would most likely stick to the standards Missionary/Doggie/Girl on Top as they are the most comfortable and most physically intimate.” – Jim, 34

5. Spooning

“I like spooning on the side. Easy to change up the pace and it’s comfortable” – Keith, 32

6. Couch

“Sitting in a chair or on the couch with her facing me and stradling me. The reason is this way I can see her face and her body, and honestly, that puts her breast right in my face during sex.” – Nathan, 29

7. Reverse Cowgirl

“Well any me and the wife like to keep up the spice in our life so we kinda just go with what we feel that day but i would have to say reverse cow girl is my favorite” – Matt, 24

8. Reverse Spooning

“I like laying on my side facing her rear.” – Tom, 57

9. Depends on the woman’s build

“I’ve found it depends largely on the girl; her height, weight, general shape, and level of fitness.” – Adam, 22

So there you have it ladies, the top 9 sex positions for guys. Do you agree? Or are there some other positions that you love that our guys missed?

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